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This photo featuring Kate Gosselin pulling the sides of her eyes back has been making the rounds for pretty obvious reasons. Her explanation is that this photo actually comes from a happier time in…   Read Story »
Well, after 153 seasons, 9,000 episodes, and 40 Easter specials, TLC is pulling the plug on the beloved American institution that is Kate Plus 8 (nee Jon and Kate Plus 8). From the…   Read Story »
The Kate Gosselin Halloween Costume Fan Fiction Contest ended yesterday with the publication of Dafs's heartwarming and also somehow chilling (paradox) story about Kate Gosselin's adventures on the…   Read Story »
Well, the search for Falcon Heene continues, but there is little that we can do about it from our offices and monster caves. So we must move forward. I know that it is hard to celebrate anything when…   Read Story »
Oh thank God! Sweet sweet Jesus Christ in the sky! COLORS ARE BRIGHTER AND FOOD TASTES BETTER ALL OF A SUDDEN! Relief.   Read Story »
"Actually, they're CZ's." --Jon Gosselin, 1977-2012 On the one hand, Nancy Grace has a point. It does seem ridiculous and contradictory for Jon Gosselin to suddenly claim that the show is hurting…   Read Story »
Today's big reality TV news is that when the new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 begins this November*, it will just be called Kate Plus 8! OMG, or whatever. From People: In a stunning announcement, TLC…   Read Story »