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Can you believe that when we come back here next week, it's going to be December 9th? You should believe it, it makes sense (today is December 6th), but MAN OH MAN! How many shopping days do we even…   Read Story »
Merry Christmas from the Kardashians! It is, of course (OF COURSE) an annual tradition for the entire Kardashian family to gather on some soundstage somewhere and have their portrait taken like…   Read Story »
There comes a time in every young woman's life when she must decide which celebrity's eyebrows she wants to have surgically sculpted onto her face. Whose will you choose, or whose have you chosen…   Read Story »
WORLDS BEEN HAD LIGHTLY BUMPING INTO EACH OTHER! At some event, who knows which event, it doesn't matter which event, the Saturday Night Live Kardashians and the E! Network Kardashians took a photo…   Read Story »