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So, if you are also tired of wasting your time in bars with people who aren't SERIOUS (very very serious) about karaoke, and you are 5-7 years in his age group, not a country girl, want to sing in a…   Read Story »
This video is almost not worth posting, since it's just a completely normal guy singing a Carrie Underwood song really well as part of a local news contest. You see what I mean? What's even…   Read Story »
If ever there was a musical anthem for this long 4th of July weekend, surely this is that anthem: #1! (Thanks for the tip, Paul.)   Read Story »
If you want to go hard, obviously, you have to use NSFW language. Headphones UP! And that is how you go hard. (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin.)   Read Story »
Just got this email in my email, you guys: hi gabe. i love videogum and i know you're a big fan of goop and her shiny legs. so imma give you the VIDEOGUM exclusive. gwyneth paltrow in…   Read Story »
Have you ever had something taken away that you didn't even know was yours to begin with? It's a strange feeling. There's loss and remorse, but loss and remorse over what? Loss and remorse over what…   Read Story »
As part of their ongoing "Hey, can we go to China too? We'll think of some stories when we get there!" series, Weekend Today hosts Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe investigated a popular trend in Beijing…   Read Story »