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For better or for worse, every single thing that has happened in your life so far is the culmination of an inextricable thread of an infinite number of decisions all of them inexorably linked into an…   Read Story »
Just in case you thought that after all the fireworks were turned to ash and the barbecue was eaten up and the noisemakers had wilted and the bag of Doritos was empty and the can of beer was crunched…   Read Story »
OK, yes, this little boy is singing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be an American" on a Dallas cable access tribute to 9/11, obviously, and NEVER FORGET, it's not like anyone is saying you should forget,…   Read Story »
Even with the camera turned sideways, this is still better than Katy Perry's Jennifer Hudson's "tribute" at the Grammy's last night. That seemed a lot more like a tribute to Jennifer Hudson than…   Read Story »
Hands up. And suddenly we've all got our hands up. The nice thing about today is that it's already AMAZING. (Thanks for the tip, @ghibli_music.)   Read Story »
"Everyone does this song at karaoke and it just makes me so annoyed because that's, like, my song. I fucking own that song and everyone knows it, so don't just walk in here and put in a ticket for…   Read Story »
Of course this hits the Internet two minutes after the Best Viral Videos of 2011 montage goes up. Oh well. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon and Jane.)   Read Story »
New York magazine's Vulture blog has a cute little story today about the time that Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrman sang karaoke with Robert Pattinson in Japan. It is all very typical and exactly what…   Read Story »
YESSSSSSSSS! Pretty sure this is what Rebecca Black meant when she sang "Fun, fun, fun, fun/Lookin' forward to the weekend/weekend." Rebecca Black references, you guys. Whatever. It's Friday, boss.…   Read Story »
Who invited God to the barbecue? Just kidding! WE ALL DID! Beer me, God! (Via FourFour.)   Read Story »