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Oh my god, did you hear about Jennifer? Like -- okay, you know me, you know I'm not one to spread gossip about friends or whatever, but seriously...I mean, I can feel the emptiness of her womb from…   Read Story »
What do we have if not our honesty? What do we have if not our ability to hear what others say and accept it as the truth, no questions asked? Walls around our heart, built with lies on a foundation…   Read Story »
"Hello, people!" Chandler says as he enters and slams the door to Monica's apartment. [laugh] In the distance you hear pained moaning from Rachel. Chandler looks at Monica, confused, and Monica makes…   Read Story »
Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have been friends ever since they starred in a show called Friends together. But now their friendship might be in trouble! Jen viciously did not attend Court's b-day…   Read Story »
Someone built "The Homer," Homer's race car from The Simpsons. -GQ Speaking of fans who have made things, here is a fan made a 50th anniversary special Doctor Who (AKA Dr. Who) trailer! It is very…   Read Story »
As a strong woman, there are a lot of burdens I can carry alone. Do I feel the need to list specific examples of those burdens here in order to prove it to you? Of course not. Is one of those burdens…   Read Story »
On the one hand, Brad and Angelina's wedding is going to be held in a chapel on their Chateau Miraval estate in France, which would be sooo nice. But on the other hand Jennifer "Lonely Empty Womb…   Read Story »
I don't know, guys. It's like sometimes I don't even know if the world is ever going to be ok at all. Do you ever feel like that? I don't want to go into this day on a huge bummer, but it's hard to…   Read Story »
This weekend, some lonely old hag no one wants was proposed to by Justin Theroux and accepted, probably just to make Brad Pitt jealous. But what does Angelina think?! The world waits! #RIP…   Read Story »
For those of you wondering whether or not Pete's receding hairline on Mad Men was natural and perfect or unnatural and shaven, here is an interview in which he talks about it. (He actually has no…   Read Story »