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Bling Bling! Yo dogs. Today I want to rap at all of you about something that is pretty dope: staying in school. "Oh man, we already heard all that jive, cat. Don't be a squresville." That's what…   Read Story »
Billabong! Listen up dudes who are interested in making money when they grow up but are also seriously considering pursuing a liberal arts education in college just for their own spiritual…   Read Story »
Justin Bieber's "Baby" (Featuring Ludacris): The How Is Babby Formed Remix: This mixtape is going to be terrible. Speakers UP!   Read Story »
Personally, I was a bit skeptical going into this week's episode. I mean, yes, OK, we all love Tina Fey, I know that now. Thank you, Oprah! She is very funny AND she's a woman! But, it was hard to…   Read Story »
Yikes. Honestly, I would love to make some kind of promise to you about how Videogum refuses the spread of Justin Bieber's bowl-headed totalitarianism, and that we will stand firm against this 4'2"…   Read Story »
Cowabunga! How's it hanging, dudes who plan to work hard to avoid the mistakes of their fathers and young women who want a more flexible and undogmatic approach to feminist ideals? Off the chain!…   Read Story »
Yo Friendsters, You know, cool dudes who think that being in touch with their emotions is actually awesome and young women who tell everyone they aren't sure if they could bring a child into this…   Read Story »
Did Justin Bieber steal from Raaaaaaaandy? War is trending!   Read Story »
Sup sup chill dawgs! Check it out, young dudes who understand the importance of progress but that it can't come at the expense of other human beings or the environment, and all you neat gals who…   Read Story »
If this thing really happens, I am thinking Justin Bieber, Zack and Cody, the CGI baby from Ally McBeal (who is 13 now), and Jason Biggs as Bieber's dad.   Read Story »