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Sure, biopics are the worst, but how about a 3D biopic? ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND?! From DeadlineHollywood: Paramount Pictures has made a deal to turn Justin Bieber's life story into a 3D feature…   Read Story »
New Justin Bieber video that he made just for us, his fans, which is what we all are for sure, each and every one of us. The rest of the week is all down hill from here, probably.   Read Story »
Gwyneth Paltrow has released an honest to goodness musical single, "Country Strong," from the soundtrack to her upcoming movie of the same name. It features her singing very earnestly about, like,…   Read Story »
Yo veggie hot dogs, Whether you are a cool cat who knows that you don't have to smoke yucky cigarettes to be a cool cat, or a neat lady who just wants to be herself and not let anyone tell her who…   Read Story »
Oh good. Another classic Taiwanese CGI news broadcast. Apparently Justin Bieber had a car accident and flew through the windshield and landed in front of an STD clinic before going home to look at…   Read Story »
Wazzzup coolios! Yo cool dudes who know that drugs are a dangerous distraction from achieving your career goals and awesome girls who like a guy with career goals and also have career goals…   Read Story »
BING BONG. Looks like we've got another classic Bieber Blooper!   Read Story »
Cute. It's like they always say, real recognize real babies recognize "Baby".   Read Story »
Man, it is slow out there. Come on, celebrities, fall on your dumb faces! Come on, movie trailers, be released! WE HAVE ALL DAY. Anyhow, while we wait for something, ANYTHING, to happen, this is an…   Read Story »