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Ding ding dong ring-a-ding ding ding dong, keep your pogs ringing! Wusssuuuuup pointers?! It's cool beans to run with the IN crowd, but before you can be cool to other peeps you've got 2 b cool 2…   Read Story »
Apparently Justin Bieber is trapped in his Liverpool hotel, which is surrounded by an uncontrollable CHILD ARMY, and now there is footage of this event, and it is horrifying. Meet at the quarry!…   Read Story »
The extended Justin Bieber C.S.I. death sequence is like one of those things that has existed for all of time, we just didn't know how to see it yet. But now our eyes are open. Forever.   Read Story »
(Warning: There are spoilers in this review. Hahahaha. Like you care.) My Three Favorite Quotes from Never Say Never: “This is the best thing to have happened in my life.” —10-year-old…   Read Story »
As you've probably heard, the 3D Justin Bieber concert-film/biopic directed by Jon Chu (Step Up 3D The Streets) opens in theaters across the country today. Some of you may be less familiar with…   Read Story »
Despite having a legendary performer as the host--and not just a legendary performer, but a legendary performer of late night sketch comedy--this week's episode was about the same as every other…   Read Story »
Jon Stewart and Justin Bieber switched bodies on last night's show. Is anybody's Bieber Fever turning into Bieber Fatiguer? Nobody's? Perfect. Let's keep going then!   Read Story »
4-0 Bieber advantage. John Waters pretended to smooth out the front of his cardigan but in actuality was attempting to dry his sweaty palms. His palms were too sweaty! It was hard to grip the…   Read Story »
As we all know, celebrities end up in weird combinations all the time because they spend so much of their expensive time in places for celebrities where there are just other celebrities hanging…   Read Story »