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I know we just watched a group of kids recreating the opening scene, surprisingly well, to a television show that hasn't been on in a decade yesterday, but here is another one! When it rains TV intro…   Read Story »
Emilia Clarke is coming to Futurama, and here is a picture to sort of prove it if you're willing to believe that what she is recording is for Futurama, which you have no reason not to believe, but I…   Read Story »
Jennifer Lawrence circa 2005 #LooksJustLike Justin Timberlake circa 1997! DO YOU SEE IT? Aaah! Top Ramen! -BuzzFeed 5 Classic Movie Moments That Weren't In The Script -TheWeek Mad Men Season 6…   Read Story »
Wake up, everybody! Wipe the sleep out of your face! Drink your coffee really fast, no matter how hot or cold it might be, because we've got a Batman rumor to share! WEEOOOWEEOOWEEOOO!* Now that…   Read Story »