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Amy Poehler and Aubry Plaza make out for the paparazzi. -Uproxx Jay Leno's final Tonight Show will air on February 6, in the week leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ugh. Didn't we just have…   Read Story »
Billy Eichner continues to earn his Videogum Stamp of Approval.   Read Story »
Oh man, remember the Mirror Mirror trailer that came out last week that was the worst trailer you had ever seen until you saw that Kellan Lutz lacrosse trailer yesterday? Well, apparently someone has…   Read Story »
It's hard to imagine any bit of bad news concerning the poster from the Tom Hanks sleeper hit (correct use of sleeper hit?) Larry Crowne. You're probably thinking, "Wait -- you must not mean Larry…   Read Story »
Huh. So, it's Employee of the Year meets The Good Girl meets Old Dogs meets Something's Gotta Give meets Billy Madison meets a terrible episode of Community? Got it. Do I get my Hollywood Math…   Read Story »
His name is Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, he started getting Julia Roberts's face tattooed on his body after he saw her in Erin Brokovich, he has spent upwards of $75,000 on them, and you love him…   Read Story »
Oh yay! Another HILARIOUS "prank" from the set of a Hollywood movie!!!!!! My favorite thing about these behind-the-scenes stories is how each one is more interesting and hilarious than the last! From…   Read Story »
In the above commercial for the Italian coffee market (via Vulture), American actress Julia Roberts was paid a reported 1.5 million dollars, and yet, as you will notice, she does not say a single…   Read Story »
In honor of the most wonderful and important movie of the year, the Home Shopping Network presented an entire program of Eat, Pray, Love products, the purchase of which will help turn any woman into…   Read Story »
The New York Post has an article today about women who followed in Elisabeth Gilbert's self-absorbed, upper-middle-class footsteps on a journey to discover their inner asshole, only to end up broke…   Read Story »