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Girls returned with two episodes last night during the 26th hour of the Golden Globes and made for a nice post-awards show cool down. When we left Hannah last season, she was falling deeper into the…   Read Story »
Want to see how Disney animated such beautiful, snowy snow for Frozen? You can! If you watch this video! -/Film HBO might do a Napoleon (NOT Napoleon Dynamite) miniseries based on a script…   Read Story »
Law & Order aired their Paula Deen/Trayvon Martin crossover episode last night. Did you watch it? I was unable to watch it, but it looks like it was, ah, something! -BuzzFeed Top Chef is back,…   Read Story »
Amy Sherman-Palladino released a goodbye video from the cast of Bunheads and it, like everything else I see from Bunheads, makes me feel guilty that I never watched Bunheads. It looks…   Read Story »
They have fun. -Buzzfeed Chris Stark, the young interviewer whom you might remember from when he asked Mila Kunis on a date, interviewed Robert Downey Jr. recently. It didn't go as well!…   Read Story »
There's a thing that happens a lot in independent, mumblecore-type movies where at the end of the main character's struggle in their dysfunctional, sometimes abusive relationship (or another type of…   Read Story »
  [Emily Gordon is a writer and comedy producer. It goes without saying that she has a podcast, hers is called The Indoor Kids and it's about video games. The one thing she has learned in life…   Read Story »
You know what almost all of them currently look like already, but some of them you don't! Check it out! Love these guys! Also check out the oral history! Great show, big fan!   Read Story »
Mr. and Mrs. Cool Disguise go for a stroll. -Dlisted Judd Apatow is Conan O'Brien's guest on this episode of Serious Jibber Jabber, and I have not watched all of it because it is very long, but I…   Read Story »