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Looking good, Josh Duhamel as Katy Perry for the Kids' Choice Awards! Click through for more "looks." -BuzzFeedCeleb The Internet is losing its sh*t over this Game Of Thrones ad.…   Read Story »
This is just a nice pizza box featuring George Clooney. -BuzzFeed Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Hashtags: #AwkwardDate -ClipNation Down For The Count: All The Deaths In Tarantino's Movies…   Read Story »
The host for the 2013 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards was announced today, and it's someone young and fresh-faced who has his finger right on the pulse of Young America, I'm talking of course about…   Read Story »
"He's sorry," the rep told TMZ. -- A publicist's response after Josh Duhamel, our generation's Kevin Smith, was kicked off an airplane for refusing to turn off his BlackBerry.   Read Story »
Roger Ebert's review of Life As We Know It is very very good. And did you read this NYT profile of Katherine Heigl? She's very very awful. (Example: "Pretending seems pretty ridiculous to me." Right.…   Read Story »
Finally, someone asking the TOUGH QUESTIONS. On the one hand, you've got the Life As We Know It poster, in which we are reminded that men are actually giant babies, except instead of pooping in…   Read Story »
The Romantics trailer, you guys: Here's a fun new game: it's called "SPOILER ALERT" and the way you play is you guess how the movie ends based on the trailer. Here are your choices: a)…   Read Story »
When In Rome trailer, you guys: OH. WOW. Nothing says "we have it all under control and know what we are doing" like a movie trailer that has an extended voice over explanation outlining every…   Read Story »