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Is there such a thing as eyemuffs? I have a feeling that this is fake (disbelief is my totem), but I wish it weren't. I wish there was someone out there having a really hard time finding…   Read Story »
This week's episode of Saturday Night Live might have been the best of the season so far*, and that was due in part to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I guess, but man, that guy needs to RELAX. He was…   Read Story »
Apparently Joseph Gordon-Levitt is responsible for the first website ever made? It is amazing that no one in his entourage ever thought to take it down. More like 500 Days of Awful, right, you guys?   Read Story »
As I mentioned on Friday, I was not able to go to the movies this weekend. You know how it gets. It's life, jump into life. I know some people who went to the movies, though. Rich FourFour went to…   Read Story »
(500) Days of Summer trailer, you guys: I don't want to talk about how heavy-handed this is. I don't want to point out the Juno-like hand-drawn graphics, or the Garden State-reminiscent scene on…   Read Story »