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Chris Pratt, best guy ever from Parks & Rec, will be in three movies coming out this fall. That's a lot! He spoke with Movieline about how he handles both being the best and being in so many…   Read Story »
Here's an article about how great Louie is! Have you ever heard of that show? I hear it's good we should all check it out sometime, I don't know when it's on or what channel it's on or who is in it…   Read Story »
What's better than two guys you love interviewing each other? Huh? Lots of stuff? Lots of stuff, but that thing is still a great thing? Fair enough! Here is Nick Kroll interviewing Rob McElhenney.…   Read Story »
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is putting together a collection of short stories? Featuring stories written by complete strangers he meets on the Internet? Uptalking? More information on this weird thing here.   Read Story »
Steven Spielberg recently cast David Strathairn (Goodnight, and Good Luck; The Bourne Ultimatum; etc.) as William Seward in his upcoming Abraham Lincoln movie. Cool. He joins Daniel Day-Lewis…   Read Story »
Wait for the kick! Get it, guys? Inception joke. Joseph Gordon-LOVE IT! Something something hangnail. Black Swan! Seriously, though, is Natalie Portman in all the movies now? Is that what's…   Read Story »
Vanity Fair has released its annual "Hollywood Issue," complete with its annual "glossy photo of famous people slinking all over each other like they are about to do it, which maybe they are,…   Read Story »
Let's be clear about something right at the top: (500) Days of Summer is not the Worst Movie of All Time. Come now. It's not even the Worst Movie of the past two weeks. That would be Couples Retreat.…   Read Story »
Dan Gordon-Levitt, brother to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, onetime boyfriend to you, has died. R.I.P. Dan Gordon-Levitt. You are in heaven now, teaching the angels how to flow.   Read Story »
Pop Eater has an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's brother, Dan, a.k.a. YOUR BOYFRIEND, a fire-dancing "flow artist" (???) and he says a lot of the same things in the interview that he said on…   Read Story »