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The Daily Show NAILED it last night, and everyone should watch the entire show if they haven't already, but the most LOL moment came during Jon's coverage of Arlen Specter's party-switching, when a…   Read Story »
ABC's America This Morning, having exhausted all other attention-grabby ways of milking the swine flu craze, decided to just fuck it and show clips of Leno, Colbert, and Stewart joking about the…   Read Story »
On last night's Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac visited Sweden to see if it's the Socialist nightmare Glenn Beck keeps telling us it is. After the initial excitement of "government sanctioned hand-jobs,"…   Read Story »
The Daily Show was off Monday night for no reason, so last night, when Jon Stewart launched into the show's lead story about the big pirate crisis that began last week, we could all be forgiven for…   Read Story »
Last night's Daily Show made civic uproar fun again with two segments about outraged Americans: IndigNation! Populist Uprising '09 - The Enragening, about those who want to "teabag the White House,"…   Read Story »
gabe: team stewart or team cramer? lindsay: Stewart, duh gabe: not duh lindsay: Jim Cramer is personally responsible for any money anyone lost in 2008. gabe: team stewart, sure gabe: but not…   Read Story »
After a long week of feuding in the media (even bringing Martha Stewart into it), Jim Cramer visited The Daily Show last night for a 12-minute ratings-boosting spectacular. Jon put on his serious…   Read Story »
Paul Rudd was on The Daily Show last night, and he was awesome, duh. After dancing seductively for Jon last fall while promoting Role Models, this time Paul chose another dance, and one that is close…   Read Story »
I guess it's pick on Joe Scarborough week, but man, I do not really care for the attitude of that guy, (my) former congressman and lazy internet user. Last night, Joe and his co-host, the…   Read Story »
Like a tropical storm, the feud that began between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer last week and gained momentum over the past few days has grown big enough to name: the predictably humble "Basic Cable…   Read Story »