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It turns out that maybe they were not both entirely professional grown-up adults. Hollywood magic is not just for Avatars!   Read Story »
Last night, Jon Stewart appeared on The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly for the second time. His last appearance, in 2004, was a pretty gentle back-and-forth bantering between two adult…   Read Story »
David Cross was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night to promote his new book, I Drink for a Reason. What a success story that guy is, am I right? He has really gone from cult comedian to…   Read Story »
I went out to lunch yesterday (my life is crazy!) with a friend (that's right, a friend!) who picked me up in his car ("boom" -- your mind). He had been listening to NPR on the drive over to pick me…   Read Story »
I went to re-watch Reza Aslan's Daily Show interview from last night on their site just now (because he's so dreamy!) and was greeted by this pre-roll commercial for Supercuts with a very familiar…   Read Story »
Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones taped a bunch of segments in Iran before the election called Jason Jones: Behind The Veil, and for a while last week they were kind of awkward because of all the…   Read Story »
In an inspired field piece last night about a few people who want Long Island to secede and become its own state, Samantha Bee managed to find what I hope, no, what absolutely have to be the three…   Read Story »
Look, there are plenty of absurd things to make fun of on both the left and the right, which is why The Daily Show itself, which is commonly assumed to have a left wing bias, doesn't let democrats…   Read Story »
If you've been watching The Daily Show this week, you've noticed a feud is brewing between Jon and Joe Scarborough, whose show, Morning Joe, has a 10 million dollar product placement deal with…   Read Story »
As a Florida State University dropout, I'm uniquely qualified to snicker at last night's Daily Show field piece, wherein (big word!) Jason Jones travels to Arizona State University to ask students…   Read Story »