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Louis C.K. was the guest on the Daily Show last night. This obviously fulfills the Videogum "Louis C.K. Promise," but it can also be filed under BREAKING FART NEWS. Double doody. SORRYYYYY.   Read Story »
Last Sunday, Jon Stewart went on FOX News and got into an argument with Chris Wallace about whatever Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace get in arguments about, and then Jon Stewart talked about it on his…   Read Story »
Jon Stewart appeared on FOX News yesterday for his annual on-air takedown of the mainstream media. He called Chris Wallace a lunatic and explained that he is a comedian. See you next year!   Read Story »
Like clockwork, Jon Stewart returns to the O'Reilly Factor for his six-month standing appointment to argue with Bill about something inconsequential. In this case: the "controversial" (LOL!) rapper…   Read Story »
What a delicious battle. FINISH THEM! (The pints of ice cream. Finish the pints of ice cream!)   Read Story »
Jon Stewart and Justin Bieber switched bodies on last night's show. Is anybody's Bieber Fever turning into Bieber Fatiguer? Nobody's? Perfect. Let's keep going then!   Read Story »
Everyone is kind of burying the lede on this story, which is that Robert DeNiro and BILLY CRYSTAL are already on the board. Cool board, guys. Very memorial.   Read Story »
Videogum's mascot, Birdie, got a tiny shout-out on The Daily Show last night (5:45 mark). Blink and you might miss it, so, you know, just don't blink. Oh, and follow her on Twitter.   Read Story »
On last night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart made an uncharacteristically (although also kind of totally characteristically) somber assessment of this weekend's horrifying events. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!   Read Story »
David Sedaris was the interview guest on last night's the Daily Show, which also included a new John Hodgman segment featuring a guest appearance by Ira Glass. This isn't everyone's thing, but to the…   Read Story »