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Senior Black Correspondent, Larry Wilmore, reports on the Trayvon Martin case for The Daily Show. It's good/interesting/funny but they should have invited Andrew!   Read Story »
The cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly is Game of Thrones themed, and says that the next season “will be sexier, bloodier, more epic — and not ‘just for nerds anymore'!" Great news for…   Read Story »
If you've been following this at all, Stephen Colbert's Super PAC now has more than a million dollars in donations, and last night Colbert took it back from Jon Stewart. That's it for today in…   Read Story »
All of the original cast and writers of Arrested Development are confirmed for the Netflix revival of the series. Oh! That's good, right? How do you feel about that? I feel fine about it!…   Read Story »
After giving control of his Super PAC over to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert announced last night on the Colbert Report that he would be possibly running in the South Carolina primaries. Classic…   Read Story »
I'm not sure why Jon Stewart is ripping on it, it looks FUN andINFORMATIVE. Let's all start waking up at 5AM just to watch this great thing, how bout it?! 5AM? See you there! Definitely! 5AM! Good…   Read Story »
Oh, GREAT! I feel like it's been years since we had a good feud, and don't get me wrong, this is by no means a GOOD feud -- it's fairly mild-mannered and under control -- but it's certainly a feud…   Read Story »
Senior Vaginal Correspondent, Kristen Schaal, offers a woman's point of view on this heated debate. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann is still a World Class Moron and this whole thing is entirely…   Read Story »
The most shocking thing about this interview with Gus Van Sant is the picture of Gus Van Sant. I had never seen him before! That's not what I pictured at all! -Movieline You can read an excerpt…   Read Story »
Here is a nice interview with Rob Riggle that you may find enjoyable and inspiring, depending on what you are like and how your emotions work. -Serial Optimist The first look at Lily Collins as…   Read Story »