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Happy birthday, womyn! Apparently it is your birthday, because how else to explain getting the one thing you've wanted more than anything else for your whole lives: photos of Jon Hamm in his Don…   Read Story »
We're gonna need a bigger DEALWITHIT.GIF! (Via RatsOff.)   Read Story »
Don Draper will officially exist, being a jerk and making you believe he'll change but then never changing, into the seventh season of Mad Men. Yay! Also he will make over $250,000 an episode. Yikes!…   Read Story »
Now that the Internet has certain agreed-upon laws, for example, everyone on Twitter has to make jokes about the same things at the same time (Oprah, the rapture, Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret baby,…   Read Story »
If someone were to Incept you, the first level of the dream would be your bedroom (the walls covered in the most amazing Jon Hamm posters you've ever seen that somehow seem to good to be real, but…   Read Story »
Had some of us--again, no one is here to play the Blame Game--been around last week, then this week's Videogum Movie Club movie would have been Bridesmaids. As it stands, some of us still haven't…   Read Story »
In Herman Dune's "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," Jon Hamm picks up a blue puppet thingamajig that is hitchhiking on the side of the road. LADIES?!   Read Story »
Look at this old goof. What a goof! Oh, sure, he looks very handsome when he is wearing a three million dollar suit with his hair superglued back committing sexual assault on another man's wife in…   Read Story »
AMC and Matthew Weiner have finally reached an agreement, and Mad Men has been renewed for multiple seasons! Multiple seasons! Oh thank goodness, for a moment there I thought all of showbiz was about…   Read Story »
Um, am I even allowed to talk about this? I'm not, right? There isn't much that is off limits in this world anymore, but I think the rules are that I'm not allowed to say anything really about Tyler…   Read Story »