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Just like Alison Brie did before him, Jake Johnson visited Paul F. Tompkins' Speakeasy and imitated some popular Internet memes. He didn't do a great job but U still gotta love'm.…   Read Story »
There's a thing that happens a lot in independent, mumblecore-type movies where at the end of the main character's struggle in their dysfunctional, sometimes abusive relationship (or another type of…   Read Story »
Want to see what some TV shows would look like without their special effects? SPOILER: Lots of people and stuff in front of green. Hope you didn't read that spoiler if you didn't want to know, you…   Read Story »
The last episode of this season of Get Your War On is out and it is great, and they are all great, watch them all.   Read Story »
A new Man of Steel poster was released at Comic-Con over the weekend. Really great. You can really tell that the movie is going to be about the character Superman from the poster, and that is why it…   Read Story »
50 Shades of Grey is officially going to be a movie, I guess, and will be produced by the same team that did Social Network. Finally, they'll get the Oscar they deserve!…   Read Story »
Watch: Part One. Watch: Part Two. Watch: Delocated!   Read Story »
Delocated's Jon Glaser has a new blog called Auto Buds. "Auto Buds are two cars of the same make, model, color, or as identical as possible, that are parked right next to each other or in close…   Read Story »
Before Bob's Burgers, there was Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil. Jon Glaser, Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, Sam Seder, and a whole lotta other Bob's actors were involved, and if you're a fan, you might…   Read Story »
As we all know, sometimes in life things do not work out the way you had planned. And so, for some of you, attendance at last night's Videogum "Back to School" comedy show and party just wasn't…   Read Story »