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Jon Daly's imaginary friend is Kenny G. -FunnyOrDie Louis C.K. appeared on the Tonight Show last night and announced the release of his full-length film Tomorrow Night, which he made in 1998. He…   Read Story »
This video celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Postal Service was directed by Tom Scharpling and stars Jon Daly and Moby so that's that.   Read Story »
Tonight, at 10:30PM EST, on the Comedy Central network, Nick Kroll's new show, Kroll Show, premieres, and I really think that we should all watch it. Not just in general, either. I don't mean, like,…   Read Story »
The Comedy Bang Bang 2012 Holiday Spectacular, featuring Harris Wittels, Matt Besser, Jon Daly, Nick Kroll, AND MORE? Give me a break! Unwrap this link and queue it up on your ho-ho-holiday podcast…   Read Story »
Jon Daly IS Ticklish Cage.   Read Story »
Funny on-line videos have trailers now? Fair enough! So, do I go to, or what?   Read Story »
Bobby Bottleservice is bobby BACKleservice! I never knew that your boyfriend(z) were so good at solving crime(z). (Via BuzzFeed.)   Read Story »
Making fun of rich people for being horrible, self-indulgent, drug-fueled, out-of-touch, misogynistic, racist monsters is basically shooting rich people in a barrel, but I don't think that would be…   Read Story »
Comedy duo Cracked Out recently moved from New York to LA, which is sad news for New York, and not news at all in LA, where news must involve either cocaine or impossible sadness. Here is a video for…   Read Story »