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Last night was the season premiere of Two and a Half Men, and the first episode in which Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen. It was watched by 28 million people. THAT IS SO MANY PEOPLE! That is…   Read Story »
Holy cow, you guys, can you believe a whole year has passed since the 2009 Jon Cryer Awards? How time flies when you're having blogs (BARF BARF FART GUNSHOT BARF!). Anyhow, it is time once again for…   Read Story »
BREAKING: Charlie Sheen is rumored to be leaving Two and a Half Men. NOT BREAKING: Two and a Half Men stinks.   Read Story »
(This week, we're highlighting some of our favorite Videogum posts / video-related moments of 2008. So that's why things look different, and are old, this week. And Happy Almost New Year!)…   Read Story »