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From TMZ: "We're told it all started when Selma complained to Anger Management execs that Charlie was a menace to work with -- claiming he's late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic. Problem is…   Read Story »
"'Step one: Learn to read and write. Step two: Look up definition of "joke."Step three: Get pen and paper. Step four: Write a joke on the paper with the pen.' -Jerry Seinfeld" -Kelly #joke   Read Story »
Man, nobody likes comedy. Even as someone who loves comedy, I totally hate comedy, so I get it. One time I saw a very very talented comedian who is widely beloved and respected perform at a New York…   Read Story »
It's been awhile since we've had a good Videogum Everywhere mission, but you never know when that call is going to come through, so STAY SHARP, AGENTS! Your latest mission is described as…   Read Story »
It's always a shame when a good joke gets spoiled. Like when you and your friends have a really funny bit that you keep doing, like, say, when someone asks you the time and it's on the 30 instead of…   Read Story »
This is a pretty big day for the Obama administration, but it's quite possibly an even BIGGER day for Jay Leno (no it is not). He will inevitably address the death of Osama Bin Laden during his…   Read Story »
In retrospect, the fact that Barack Obama knew he was about to kill Osama Bin Laden WHILE crushing at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend is some next level baller shit. BOOM! DROPS…   Read Story »
"Pregnant women who drink this may also have a marked increase in the probability of having a little asshole baby," etc.   Read Story »
So, you may have already heard, but GLAAD and maybe some other pro-gay groups raised a fuss over a joke in the trailer for this new Vince Vaughn movie, The Dilemma, where Vince Vaughn calls electric…   Read Story »
Before we even get started, let me just say one thing real quick to the Internet at large: RELAX. I know that this clip is a couple months old. On top of that, it's just some clip from a late night…   Read Story »