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Oh no, you guys, we have a HOLLYWOOD EMERGENCY! Johnny Depp has been cast to star in a remake of the 1934 film The Thin Man, about a former private detective and his wife. In this movie, Johnny Depp…   Read Story »
It's Jason Segel's birthday! And he's "32"? Do you think Jason Segel is lying about his age? 32 seems awfully young. I would guess, if I were REALLY trying to get it right, 37. But then again…   Read Story »
I'm sure all kinds of cool stuff goes on in the White House at all times. Like, Sasha and Malia probably rollerskate all over the place and have caretakers who have to watch them do it, and then for…   Read Story »
Nick Kroll is going to be on Community this season! We love that guy AND that show! -Splitsider Speaking of, here are some more Community bloopers! I CANNOT get enough Community bloopers. Someone…   Read Story »
You know what I never come across in my search for GIFs every week? Whitney GIFs. Where's everyone hiding all the Whitney GIFs?! Just kidding. There aren't any Whitney GIFs (to my knowledge, the…   Read Story »
Johnny Depp loves playing authors in movies. Johnny Depp should LITERALLY just marry playing authors in movies, because that's how much he loves it. Get a room, Johnny Depp and the role of an author.…   Read Story »
Soooooo, this is just confusing now. ARE photo shoots rape? Or are they NOT rape?   Read Story »
It certainly seems like there are a lot of unwanted and unavoidable things that come with fame. Like being followed around by people with cameras. And having to do a million interviews in a cubicle…   Read Story »
Could Sex and the City return to TV? I don't know, is the world a vampire? It is? Oh then yeah I think it can probably return to TV at some point. -Vulture There will no longer be a Johnny Depp The…   Read Story »
As you can see by the large GIF at the top of this post, this has been QUITE a week for GIFs. More than just the way that every week is quite a week for GIFs, you might be asking? Well it's hard to…   Read Story »