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And then quickly discovers it is not Johnny Depp!   Read Story »
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The thing about working at a blog for long enough is that you can start to talk about how you don't understand why a certain basic cable Awards program continues to exist long after it had any…   Read Story »
With this week, we begin the long summer of our Thursday-night-TVless GIF roundup. How will we even survive? What other GIFs do we even LIKE? (Just kidding. We like all the GIFs. They're all great!)…   Read Story »
The Comanche Indian tribe has "formally adopted" Jonny Depp as one of their own because OF COURSE THEY HAVE. Seriously, name one other celebrity that would get adopted by a native American tribe…   Read Story »
The poster for Ruby Sparks was released today and the tagline is "She's out of his mind." Which is not a bad tagline for that movie! Someone did a fine job with that! -Vulture Jon Hamm is the most…   Read Story »
Ever since the first look at Johnny Depp's stripe-y face portrayal of The Lone Ranger's Tonto was revealed, the world wondered: "Where did he get that stripe-y face idea?" Now, finally, the world has…   Read Story »
Powerful stuff. And a welcome reprieve from the hectic and overwhelming busyness of the modern world for all of us to just sit and think for a second about what it all MEANS. Watch it every morning…   Read Story »