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John Travolta flies Oprah's audience to Australia for some reason. Haha. Sure. Too bad she didn't give them free cars again, too, so that they could at least run themselves over. (UPDATE: RELAX,…   Read Story »
If my name was Dr. Aladdin and a Robin Williams genie was forced to grant me three wishes, one of those wishes would definitely be that this was real.   Read Story »
Over the weekend, the New York Post published an "apology" from screenwriter J.D. Shapiro for his work on Battlefield Earth. Videogum, of course, has a personal relationship with this movie, as it…   Read Story »
Hopefully the copy of Old Dogs Blu Ray DVD that you pre-ordered months ago arrived today, so that your viewing party tonight that you are definitely having can go on without a hitch. If for some…   Read Story »
It was actually with some anticipation that I watched this week's nominee. Know your enemy! At the very least, I feel like I have made more than my fair share of Wild Hogs jokes over the past couple…   Read Story »
What is happening in Haiti right now is a human tragedy on a scale that is difficult to comprehend. I read in the New York Times this weekend that 150,000 bodies have been buried? We live in a sad…   Read Story »
Oh man, do you guys remember that movie starring John Travolta and Sidney PoitierHarry Belafonte? In which the conceit was just "wouldn't it be crazy if racism happened to white people instead of…   Read Story »
What am I supposed to say about this? What could anyone possibly have to say? Obviously, this "music video" in which John Travolta chases a child his daughter around a soundstage making the kinds of…   Read Story »
Obviously, we're all reeling from the news of Wild Hogs 2's cancellation. Tim Heidecker just happened to be the one to put his feelings to music. (And you can sign his petition here.)   Read Story »
John Travolta did not like riding his motorcycle behind Tim Allen because of the flatulence. It wasn't Tim Allen's fault, and John Travolta was respectful of that. Plenty of men had difficulty with…   Read Story »