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Oh my god. I hardly even know what to say about what you are going to experience here. You know the feeling you get during winter's first snowfall, while you're cuddled up warm in your home with a…   Read Story »
"John Travolta -- is there anything he can't do?" you wonder to yourself after a screening of Be Cool, your favorite John T. movie if you had to choose, while throwing his Christmas album onto the…   Read Story »
Gosh, I have so many questions. What products did they use to make John Travolta's human hair seem perfectly sculpted yet completely natural? How did they find a shirt to match his hair's exact shade…   Read Story »
There has been a lot of talk in the news (the "news") lately about John Travolta, and certain private activities that are certainly none of our business, because we don't know anyone's life and who…   Read Story »
It looks like Megan might be competing against Peggy for a Leading Actress Emmy this year! Maybe! If they both get nominations! Though I bet Megan doesn't even want a Leading Actress Emmy, even…   Read Story »
Yesterday, it was reported that John Travolta was being sued by a male masseuse for grabbing the man's penis and then masturbating in front of him. (Oh, and GOOD MORNING, by the way.) Travolta is…   Read Story »
Celebrities have to deal with frivolous lawsuits sometimes. It's easy for us to sit in our stupid, ugly, rat-infested civilian non-mansions and point fingers and laugh through the permanent blood…   Read Story »
You know how when you're a celebrity no request is ever denied? Like, you can call a restaurant and tell them you want to eat something and they say, "We don't make that," and you say something like,…   Read Story »
All of the passengers got onto the airplane! They put their bags in the thingies, and stuffed their briefcases under their seats where the briefcases go. (Everyone had a briefcase, even the ladies…   Read Story »
Look, John Travolta likes to kiss men wear wigs fly airplanes and THAT'S FINE. We all have hobbies, even John Travolta. But, boy oh boy, he sure likes to talk about it! Flying this, jetstream that,…   Read Story »