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Conan O'Brien's Dartmouth commencement speech is very good, no duh, watch all of it. -Team Coco 30 things you might not know about Raiders of the Lost Ark. "I know all of these things already,…   Read Story »
We all like The National, right, you guys? Right? Well, if some of us don't like The National--whoops on you, wrongzos--we at least like music videos starring Kristen Schaal, John Slattery, and James…   Read Story »
Last night's 30 Rock was probably the funniest show of the night, but let's all raise our glasses (you drink coffee out of a glass, right?) to Community for what was certainly the most interesting. I…   Read Story »
Roger Sterling's memoirs are now available for pre-order. (Well played, everyone.)   Read Story »
Doctor Faye wakes Don up in the middle of the night to tell him that she has to get ready for a 7AM flight, "thanks to you." Whoa. NO SPOILERS, but considering what is about to happen, maybe there is…   Read Story »
Don is having a secret meeting with the guy from Heinz trying to get some business so that the firm doesn't close. The guy from Heinz explains how hard it is to get the word out about beans when…   Read Story »
Peggy's at the beach. (REMINDER: Mad Men season 4 takes place in the year 1965, before the world was covered in water and our only remaining memory of beaches was of burning fields of endless…   Read Story »
Joan walks into Roger's office. ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT? She locks the door and says they need to talk. DO THEY NEED TO TALK ABOUT DOING IT? Oh wait. No. They already did it. And now they have to…   Read Story »
Don Draper's got an important business call. He's all business. "Buy! Sell! We need to close this deal and I won't take no for an answer. You're fired." Oh, wait, that's not the head of General…   Read Story »
Last week, Mad Men opted to air an episode during the National Holiday. Fair enough. I, on the other hand, opted to air myself. Out. On the beach. And so: there was no recap of what was easily one of…   Read Story »