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Let's watch a preview clip of John Mulaney's new stand-up special, and the entire first episode of season 2 of Portlandia. And then have a snack. And call our loved ones. And put on something pretty.…   Read Story »
Have you ever wondered how sketch groups you like got their names? Not really? Not really but you'd certainly welcome the information anyway? Great! -Splitsider Paul Feig talks about his…   Read Story »
Jesse Eisenberg is great, we all know that, but sometimes he says things where you're like, Ugh, ok, don't say any more things. Like when he says he'd be a bike messenger if he weren't an actor.…   Read Story »
As we all know, sometimes in life things do not work out the way you had planned. And so, for some of you, attendance at last night's Videogum "Back to School" comedy show and party just wasn't…   Read Story »
The New York Times is reporting that NBC has officially canceled Law & Order. Awwww. But that show had been on for a long time! Of course, in the same breath, the New York Times confirms that NBC has…   Read Story »
Comedy Central Presents tonight will feature half hour specials from John Mulaney and Kristen Schaal starting at 11:30PM. Great news! Tell your mom the DVR is broken and ask to stay up late just this…   Read Story »
The Rock is not a terrible comic actor, but SNL seems to think that the funniest thing about The Rock is dressing The Rock up in girly clothes and making him sing and dance. You know, because he's a…   Read Story »
In other Saturday Night Live news, we'd just like to tip our chapeaus (or is it chapeaux?) to John Mulaney for starting work as a writer at SNL this week. If you've never seen him perform stand up,…   Read Story »
gabe: ok gabe: jimmy fallon is untalented gabe: and does not deserve the job of late night talk show host gabe: end of fight lindsay: What qualities do you think a good talk show host should…   Read Story »