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Remember when we talked about how the upcoming season of the Real World was going to feature ex-girlfriends and -boyfriends of the roommates? You remember. It seemed like it was going to be very bad?…   Read Story »
Do you forget what the cast of Game of Thrones looks like? Well, remember what they look like with these set pictures from the upcoming season! -ONTD Norm Macdonald does not think that the end of…   Read Story »
The Wolverine direct James Mangold has been tweeting some behind-the-scenes photos from the film's shoot. Would you like to look at them? Some of them are pretty, and some of them just look like…   Read Story »
Tonight, at 10:30PM EST, on the Comedy Central network, Nick Kroll's new show, Kroll Show, premieres, and I really think that we should all watch it. Not just in general, either. I don't mean, like,…   Read Story »
In 1990, Matt Groening doodled on a bunch of napkins and gave them to a waitress at Bennigans. Now, because the Internet exists, you can see them too! Look! -HyperVocal John Mulaney was on HuffPost…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Jon Hamm and Adam Scott. Jon Hamm has a mustache, Adam Scott has curly hair. It is I guess from the set of Comedy Bang Bang. Everybody loves these guys!…   Read Story »
Here's an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from the DVD release of John Mulaney's new Comedy Central standup special, New in Town. The special premieres tomorrow, January 28th, at 10PM and will be available on DVD…   Read Story »
And today he is on Conan on the Internet.   Read Story »
The Wet Hot American Summer cast reunited for a stagereading of the movie at San Francisco’s Sketchfest and I'm not sure if any of us were there or not, but here are some pictures from it! Just…   Read Story »
First I'd like to announce last week's winner of a signed copy of Chris Gethard’s A Bad Idea I’m About To Do and personalized call-out: Just Dessérts! Congratulations, Just Dessérts! HOW…   Read Story »