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"Sometimes when I'm at a hearing in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee attempting to make the case to proceed with military action in Syria, a decision of which I am one of the most…   Read Story »
The Videogum Movie Club Reminder: The Dark Knight Rises is this weekend's Video Movie Club choice. Go see it, and then talk about it with Gabe on Monday. John McCain, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia…   Read Story »
Oh look, a picture of Snooki and The Situation, from Jersey Shore, hanging out with a stick of butter Paula Deen (via WarmingGlow). Good for them! Why not?! Paula Deen is exactly the type and caliber…   Read Story »
John McCain for President of Acting!   Read Story »
Old Dogs trailer, you guys. During the 2008 election, I supported Barack Obama for president. And I was very happy when he won. A lot of people were. But the thing that struck me more than…   Read Story »
Until her appearance on Colbert last night, I was only moderately aware of John McCain's daughter Meghan. I knew she didn't totally suck, because the evil Laura Ingraham was mean to her and she told…   Read Story »
Someone named John McCann (sp?) was on Letterman last night. A lot has been made of John McCain's gracious concession speech on election night, and I think that everyone wants him to find a way…   Read Story »
Which is notable for being his first interview after winning The Biggest Loser, for his joke about how he's "sleeping like a baby, sleep two hours, wake up and cry", and for the strange, funereal…   Read Story »
Though she possessed the perfect combination of gumption, hatred, immaturity, ignorance, and self-assurance to become one of Election 2008's viral video stars, this lady in Grosse Point, Michigan who…   Read Story »
God TV had their own 2-hour election coverage special, for those hard-core right wingers who are turned off by Fox News's bleeding heart liberal reputation. RightWingWatchdog put together a highlight…   Read Story »