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After the success of her Will Ferrell-starring Christmas video last year, Aimee Mann has gone all out this year to prove she's friends with a lot of comedians (JK, I'm obviously just jealous) with…   Read Story »
The Office dreamboat and new Blackberry spokesperson John Krasinski joined Aimee Mann on stage the other night for duet of "Winter Wonderland," for some reason, and someone in the audience caught it…   Read Story »
Last night's episode of The Office was too charming to even talk about the charming parts (Michael and Holly Forevs!), but once again, the show has willed an internet thing into existence merely by…   Read Story »
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to The Office, explaining that while the show was great and funny, someone, or possibly a group of people, had taken one too many Whoops pills before the…   Read Story »
My friend Andrew asks a pertinent question about The Office, you guys: "Is the conceit of the program still that they're being filmed for a documentary? Does that even make sense anymore?" That is…   Read Story »
John Krasinski's Muppet-like face (yes, second time today I've compared a face to a Muppet) makes him perfect for the close-up reaction shots we need to navigate the absurdity of The Office. As the…   Read Story »