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A few months ago it was announced that Warner Bros. were developing a Twilight Zone movie, but it wasn't announced until recently what that movie would be about. Turns out it's just basically going…   Read Story »
Over the weekend, Mila Kunis was announced as Esquire's Sexiest Woman of 2012. DO YOU AGREE? Is she the sexiest woman alive in the whole world? Although I cannot say with any authority that she is…   Read Story »
The Hollywood Reporter's cover story this week is on this history of Breaking Bad -- how it came to be, etc. -- as I'm sure you already know because you always know what The Hollywood Reporter's…   Read Story »
We didn't have a Best New Party Game yesterday, which is traditionally the day we have Best New Party Games, because frankly, well, there weren't any. Sometimes that is just the way the party game…   Read Story »
You know, the truth is, I actually like romantic comedies. I am man enough to admit that. We all would love to live in a world of love and friendship and gentle laughter. Why not? You think I want it…   Read Story »
You can watch it here. Let's just say that this movie definitely has a hot tub that is a time machine in it. FACT.   Read Story »
Uh. OK. Well, first let's address what this movie did well, like the disappointed parents we are (or at least that I am), recognizing that the negative feedback won't be useful or constructive if it…   Read Story »
Look, the world is going to end in 2012. That's just a FACT. But how does it end? With a bang? With a whimper? With John Cusack driving a limousine off a cargo plane into a chasm filled with lava and…   Read Story »
This is funny. 2012 trailer with the CGI edited out. LOOK OUT FOR THAT FLYING MUD!   Read Story »
A five-minute clip from the upcoming disaster movie (double-entendre!) 2012 has been posted on-line, and it is hilarious. It is also as many minutes of 2012 as anyone really needs to see. We're done…   Read Story »