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John C. Reilly is releasing some country songs and you can listen to them over at Stereogum! WHY is he releasing country songs, you're probably wondering? I don't know. Because he's great? Stereogum…   Read Story »
Here is a photo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly kissing each other at a basketball game. I don't know. It was going around the Internet today. There is some speculation that they were filming…   Read Story »
Despite what movies often try to tell us, being white is not that hard. It's certainly not as hard as being just about ANYTHING ELSE in the world. But just because it's not THAT hard doesn't make it…   Read Story »
As a teenager, I always kind of hated the Beastie Boys because their lives seemed to just be a collection of extraordinarily fun and neat projects. Now I'm a grown man and the Beastie Boys are 100…   Read Story »
The best way I can describe Cedar Rapids, the wonderful new comedy by not-for-everyone director Mike Arteta (The Good Girl, Youth in Revolt), is to say it’s like Happy-Go-Lucky for guys. From me,…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, John C. Reilly sang the Mr. Spriggs Barbecue theme song, with backing music by the Roots, between commercials. Between commercials! More…   Read Story »
Although Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is in heaven now, grossing out the angels, the beloved John C. Reilly character, Dr. Steve Brule, is getting his own show, which premieres this Sunday.…   Read Story »
Cyrus trailer, you guys: This looks kind of like an art house Step Brothers, and that is good news, because Step Brothers was great. I didn't see Step Brothers until it had already been on DVD for…   Read Story »
After the success of her Will Ferrell-starring Christmas video last year, Aimee Mann has gone all out this year to prove she's friends with a lot of comedians (JK, I'm obviously just jealous) with…   Read Story »
Jack Black and John C. Reilly went on Keith Olbermann after the viral success of Prop 8: The Musical, along with the producer Mark Shaiman. Jack and John start talking about civil rights and their…   Read Story »