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As some of us may remember, Joe the Plumber is currently putting out a web series in support of his campaign for Ohio’s ninth congressional district. But what I must imagine has been -- based on…   Read Story »
This video is part of a fun new web series Joe the Plumber (whose name, as you know, is Steve, because THAT'S SHOWBIZ) is launching as a light-hearted side to his otherwise "serious" campaign for…   Read Story »
My only question is can TWO people be President TOGETHER AS FRIENDS?! (Via FilmDrunk.)   Read Story »
Hey, remember this asshole? Excuse me, that was rude. Hey, remember your boyfriend? There we go. Still out there, just saying stuff. Ever wondered what some plumbing contractor from Ohio with a…   Read Story »
Oh, thank god. That report that Kristen Wiig and Joe The Plumber hooked up last weekend turned out to be the bullshit we all thought it probably was. Whew!   Read Story »
Supposedly, Joe The Plumber and Kristen Wiig made out or something at SNL's afterparty Saturday night. That is just unbelievably weird.   Read Story »
Joe the Plumber put on his Carhart jacket and let the screen door slam behind him. There was just one news van parked across the street now as opposed to the fleet of them that had been there the…   Read Story »
This could have been very embarrassing for John McCain! He thought that Joe the Plumber was going to be at his rally, but then it turned out that Joe the Plumber was not at his rally. Phew. Total…   Read Story »
Joe the Plumber is ridiculous! From TMZ: The heretofore unknown and more or less mediocre Samuel J. Wurzelbacher is trying to elasticize his 15 minutes of fame: He's actually enlisted three managers…   Read Story »