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Tonight, after a five year hiatus that seemed like a forever years hiatus, America's Most Important Television Show will return to NBC. FEAR FACTOR IS FEAR BACK-TOR! (I should probably write Joe…   Read Story »
Videogum's World, Videogum's World, GIF time, excelleeennt. That's a new thing I'm working on. Still hammering out the details but I think it's got promise. Let me know if you have any…   Read Story »
Great news for people who love bad news! Joe Rogan is returning to NBC as the host of Fear Factor! (Oh, sorry, SIDENOTE: NBC is bringing back Fear Factor!) Yuck! Boo! Joe Rogan is terrible, Fear…   Read Story »
I have great news, everybody! NBC is bringing back one of your old, canceled-too-soon favorites. No, not Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yeah I agree that they should give that one another shot,…   Read Story »
Valentine's Day was coming up fast, and Joe Rogan wanted this year to be special. Last year he had taken a stripper to an Outback Steakhouse and gotten her hospital drunk on mango Long Island Iced…   Read Story »
Sure, you will be the first to admit that your boyfriend's former hosting duties on your favorite TV show, Fear Factor, and his current hosting duties on your favorite fighting championship, the…   Read Story »
Speaking of feuds! Oh man. My (63rd) birthday is coming up, you guys, and I only have one wish: that Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, UFC) accept Dan Quinn's (Hospital, Nightmares) challenge to a fight. Just…   Read Story »
Speaking of hitting people in the face, I was on Yahoo!'s UFC page, because there is a fight coming up this weekend between Georges St-Pierre and Jon Fitch and I WAS CURIOUS. The reason I wen to the…   Read Story »
Remember the Ant vs Joe Rogan feud? Me neither, really, but Ant still does. It seems that Ant has been reading The Art Of War and quietly plotting in the year since Rogan accused him of…   Read Story »
Via CC Insider, here's the trailer for Jamie Kennedy's documentary Heckler, which explores the psychology and cultural significance of the kind of assface who ruins live shows by yelling things at…   Read Story »