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Benedict Cumberbatch doing Smaug motion-capture work, ladies! -AVClub Splitsider spoke with Brody Stevens recently about his new Comedy Central show Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!, and you should read…   Read Story »
To tell you the truth, when I decided to pose this question -- about who should play the beast in Disney's upcoming 3D remake of Beauty and the Beast -- I was under the impression that when Hugh…   Read Story »
Just one month ago, in an interview with Interview Magazine, Joaquin Phoenix let the world know that he had no interest in the "stupidest thing in the whole world," terrible-tasting carrot that is…   Read Story »
Moments after the world got word that Kellan Lutz is on a long road that will certainly eventually end in an Oscar, Joaquin Phoenix has revealed that he DOESN'T EVEN WANT ONE? AND ALSO SOMETHING…   Read Story »
If you haven't seen Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master yet, you should definitely see it, but first try and figure out a way to own a home with a personal theater and have a 70mm print delivered…   Read Story »
UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. What WAS that? I know it wasn't a movie, so now the trick is to figure out what it actually was. I know it wasn't a joke, because jokes are funny. It theoretically could have been…   Read Story »
Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck kissed their loved ones goodbye. It was a tearful event, but everyone agreed that it must be done. A cool breeze kicked up, providing a refreshing relief against the…   Read Story »
Ugh. This whole thing has become so exhausting. I'm all for avant garde filmmaking and experiments in the constructs of selfhood and examinations of the insanity of celebrity. Especially in this era…   Read Story »
It has now been revealed that David Letterman knew Joaquin Phoenix was a liar during their historic interview last winter. Boo! The world is so annoying.   Read Story »
There are moments in the Duh Aficionado editorial offices when the staff just runs through the halls shouting "NO DUH!" because a story is breaking that seems tailor-made for the magazine's mission…   Read Story »