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Recently on his show Last Leg, Australian comedian Adam Hills yelled at Joan Rivers for insulting Adele's weight on Letterman post-Oscars. It's good! Headphones up! -HyperVocal DC Pierson made…   Read Story »
Joan Rivers does her best imitation of an upskirt photo with a weird mouth pillow and posts it to Twitter. All systems normal! -@Joan_Rivers Lindsay Lohan looks for her phone (a suspenseful and…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe! Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: What's new? Gabe: hmmm Gabe: new Gabe: new new new Gabe: uhhhhhhhhh Gabe: new new new new new Kelly: Uhoh are you broken Gabe:…   Read Story »
Hey laaaaaadieeeeeeeeeeees! For the past year, there has only been one voice in the girls rapping about designer labels game, and that was the young, nasally, perfect voice of Kreayshawn. Her song…   Read Story »
Here is a picture of Bill Murray hanging out with the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation. Duh. What? I SAID DUH. -TheDailyWhat Today I heard the most amazing news that I've ever heard in my…   Read Story »
If you missed it, there are lots of clips here. SPOILER ALERT: Joan Rivers is old and has a vagina LOL.   Read Story »
Al Roker, the King of All Mediocrity, made his debut hosting Celebrity Family Feud last night. As one might expect, it was a vaseline-smiled romp with weather-beaten celebrities using their families…   Read Story »