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Well, now that we've put Fringe in the ground, how about a trailer for Lost? SPOOKY COMPASS! Man, there's really nothing here. We've given this show too much power in the relationship. It's taking…   Read Story »
I think we're done here. You had your chance. Perhaps you would like to know where you went wrong. OK, let me tell you: A show's characters should NOT be constructed like a high school term paper.…   Read Story »
Fringe has a few problems, actually. For one, it's completely devoid of any emotional impact. That's not completely unexpected in a show that deals primarily in the paranormal, but even X-Files,…   Read Story »
Fringe has been picked up for a second season. That's right, 22 new dead end mysteries to never solve and heavy handed examples of Walter Bishop's eccentricity. Congratulations, J.J. Abrams. You'll…   Read Story »
On last night's Fringe there was a vibrating metallic object (that's what she said) and a machine that allowed you to read people's thoughts, but most importantly there was a weird bald guy. Who is…   Read Story »
This week's Fringe opened in a motel room, where a man and a woman who clearly don't know each other have just done sex. The man excuses himself to go to the bathroom where he opens a bag full of…   Read Story »
According to the blog io9, back in the early 2000s, when JJ Abrams was developing a Superman script, Brendan Fraser was in talks to play the lead role. The lead role, of course, being Superman. Just…   Read Story »
You guys, JJ Abrams's Fringe premiered last night! That would be worth talking about except that I wrote about the first episode already, back in June when it leaked online. I've been going through…   Read Story »
The first episode of the paranormal investigations series Fringe from producer J.J. Abrams coming this fall to FOX (series premieres August 26) has leaked online. From the trailer FOX presented…   Read Story »
The big "green lit project announcement that everyone's writing about but won't actually be a movie until 2012 if it even gets made so maybe we should all relax" news today is about JJ Abrams's…   Read Story »