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No comment. Well, some comment, but the same comment. (Via Jezebel [?!]) UPDATE: We were forced to take the video down by THE MAN. He's the worst, right?! Video has been replaced by an ancient…   Read Story »
So, when the final season of Lost is released on DVD at the end of this month, it will include an 11-minute bonus feature that explores life on the island when Hurley became the new Jacob, and will…   Read Story »
Holy moly! There's a very reasonable chance that today will be my last day at/on Videogum/Earth. After seeing the crowds at Comic-Con yesterday (when the above picture was taken)--a day where…   Read Story »
It worked! Remember, in the first episode of the season, when Juliette was dying from her bomb-wounds, and she looked up into Sawyer's suspicious eyes and said, "It worked," right before dying?…   Read Story »
I do love this show, you guys. It's fun! I mean, it has really gotten ridiculous lately, and you could already kind of tell during last season's Clockstoppers business that we were probably on a…   Read Story »
Wait, really? REALLY? We are two episodes away from the series finale of Lost, with time to explain any of the remaining mysteries running out like Dharma donuts in the hatch pantry when Hurley's put…   Read Story »
Someone has posted a crappy camera phone recording of the top secret JJ Abrams Super 8 trailer on-line. I haven't and won't watch it, because I'm an adult who can exercise restraint, and I like to…   Read Story »
Oh jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. At first I was upset because there was no new episode last week and it was the longest two weeks of my life (just kidding, we're talking about a TV show, and life is for the…   Read Story »
The gang is all here! Jack and Sun and Hurley and Lapidus (hi, Lapidus!). Although, Locke doesn't seem to care that much about anyone other than Jack. What is Sun, chopped TORO? (Racist.) Naturally,…   Read Story »
Yessssss! Let's be honest, this season got off on the wrong statue foot, but it is finally getting Spider-Man 3 pie scene good. (So good!) Oh, it is ridiculous, and sometimes I am just like, "Oh,…   Read Story »