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[Pictured: J.J Abrams (right) with his father.] J.J. Abrams, the creator of Lost and Felicity and Alias and the director of The Mission Impossible III and Star Trek: Turn Off The Dark has been…   Read Story »
Man, can you believe that there's going to be a movie about the Lance Armstrong scandal? A three-part Oprah confession special, sure, but I just cannot believe that anyone is deciding to spend any…   Read Story »
JJ Abrams's new show Revolution premieres tonight on NBC at 10PM Eastern. Yay? Revolution is this year's Terra Catraz River Event. I guess the basic premise is that something happens and all of the…   Read Story »
Well? You read the headline. What should it be called, do you think? You do not need any more information. Or I guess the only other real piece of information that you need is that J.J. Abrams' robot…   Read Story »
NBC ran an extended preview of its new show Revolution last night during the Olympics. (I've posted it after the jump, but I would love it if you would keep reading this pre-amble first. You don't…   Read Story »
To mark the seventh anniversary of the premiere of Lost (most important anniversary there is, probably), Damon Lindelof spoke to a group of fans at the New York Television Festival (whatever THAT is)…   Read Story »
Jesse Eisenberg is great, we all know that, but sometimes he says things where you're like, Ugh, ok, don't say any more things. Like when he says he'd be a bike messenger if he weren't an actor.…   Read Story »
Being a kid is weird. It's very frustrating and confusing a lot of the time, probably most of the time. You're pretty much powerless over your life, and yet you've got a burgeoning emotional…   Read Story »
There is a new trailer for the J.J. Abrams monster-mystery Steven Spielberg whatever movie, Super 8, now with more Coach Taylor! Monsters forever, Six.   Read Story »
As New TV Week continues, it hits its first major stumbling block with J.J. Abrams's show Undercovers. CAREFUL, NEW TV WEEK! YOU NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL! Did anyone watch this show? Let me rephrase…   Read Story »