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There's so much to love about Sarah Silverman's appearance on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, starting with the fact that they're officially back together! And even though nothing really ever happens…   Read Story »
Late night talk show SuperGuest Amy Sedaris cheated on David Letterman last night by going on Jimmy Kimmel's show to promote her book, but mostly to do her Amy Sedaris thing. You know the drill, but…   Read Story »
Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Silverman for CBS Sunday Morning this week, introducing Sarah's controversial comedy to the kind of audience who watches CBS Sunday Morning (you know, old people.) But…   Read Story »
He didn't used to be your boyfriend. He used to be too good for you. But this whole Andy Samberg gently impersonating him on Saturday Night Live thing has revealed that he's kind of an anti-semitic…   Read Story »
Okay, I think I'm starting to understand David Letterman lately. In his older years, possibly inspired by what he sees going on in the world, he's trying to make more of a difference than just being…   Read Story »
Gabe is crazy -- if he'd watched more than just one YouTube clip from Jimmy Kimmel's Big Night Of Stars, he would have discovered the pitch-perfect parody of Barbara Walters Specials (and prime time…   Read Story »
The Emmy's, you guys. Love those Emmy's. Such a celebration of incredible television. Barf. Is the catchphrase "for me to barf on" still available? That's still available, right? Lindsay is currently…   Read Story »
In this preview of Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy special, Jimmy uses his Barbara Walters-esque interview skills to coax a secret out of Michael Phelps heretofore only speculated about on Yahoo! Answers: he…   Read Story »
Jon Hamm, who plays Don Dreamy on Mad Men, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night to freak MM fans out with his facial hair, smiley face, and apparent best friendship with Kimmel, at whose house he…   Read Story »
Our country's two newest sex symbols (I just made that up), creepy sex addict VMA host Russell Brand and Mad Men's blowsy Joan, Christina Hendricks, both appeared on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.…   Read Story »