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Dear Celebrities Who Will Not Stop Doing Kanye Jokes, During last night's Emmys, three separate references were made to Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift at last week's MTV Video Music…   Read Story »
Yesterday, photos appeared on-line of Kathy Griffin dressed up as Kate Gosselin to give the world nightmares. TODAY THOSE NIGHTMARES MOVE! Awful. Just awful. It's actually getting to the point…   Read Story »
Ugh + ugh = superugh. It's just math, you guys.   Read Story »
Comedian Aziz Ansari of Parks And Recreation, Observe And Report, Funny People, His Blog, his Twitter, his stand-up comedy, and being friends with Kanye West had a refreshing interview on Jimmy…   Read Story »
Billy Bob Thornton was on Kimmel last night! Does anyone still care, because I totally do, being a "humpback geek," which is what Billy Bob calls everyone who saw or talked about his kind of…   Read Story »
He meant to say the word "clip" but instead he said the word "clit." Whoops. He was so embarrassed by his mistake that even though the show is pre-taped, he aired the mistake anyway and then put it…   Read Story »
Nick Kroll did stand-up (for the first time on national TV!) on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night and killed: I love "The Texties." (Via Dave Hill's blog.)   Read Story »
Russell Brand was on Kimmel last night to promote his role in Adam Sandler's kid's movie Bedtime Stories. After Jimmy asked him about his love life, Russell replied "I am profligately giving my love…   Read Story »
A healthy-looking Brian Austin Green went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the reason I watched was in anticipation of the moment that arrives in every Brian Austin Green interview now: the…   Read Story »
On Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, K-Dawg presented another of his classic movie spoofs where they edit Guillermo Rodriguez into the trailer. This time for Twilight: Guillermo Rodriguez works…   Read Story »