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It's Friday afternoon. Anything important that you have to do isn't getting done anyway. How about a three part interview with Zach Galifianakis from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live? Y/Y? Part…   Read Story »
This guy should stop running for the Governor of Tennessee and focus his attentions on the campaign for Governor of Everything. Or at least, Governor of Cheap Sausage and Always Wearing Fake Police…   Read Story »
Goooood thank you! I think my favorite part of this thank you was that it was recorded next to a waterfall, well known as the single best place on Earth to capture crystal clear audio. Waterfalls…   Read Story »
And, of course, right after last night's episode, Jimmy Kimmel presented some "hilarious" alternate Lost endings and ruined everything. Boo.   Read Story »
I promise you that if you just took all of Tracy Morgan's recent publicity-tour interviews and cobbled them together into a 24-part hour and a half block it would be funnier and more enjoyable than…   Read Story »
Jimmy Kimmel was the guest on last night's 10@10 segment on The Jay Leno Show, where he literally spoke truth to Big Jay Leno. It is genuinely amazing to watch. Things don't REALLY get going until…   Read Story »
Oh man, you guys, remember, like, four days ago when no one really gave a shit about late night television because it's 2010 and we all have better things to watch on our Motorola RZRs? Now, it is…   Read Story »
Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights…   Read Story »
Some Canadian gossip website is spreading the rumor that there is a sex tape featuring Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman. Having sex. With each other. Well, there probably isn't one. Those are…   Read Story »