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Guys? GUYS?! Roll call. Does everyone have their buddy? Get with your buddy and check in, please. That is why we have the buddy system in the first place. Oh man, is everyone OK? Is anyone OK? As of…   Read Story »
Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Guys With Kids (your new fall favorite?) performed a medley of classic TV theme songs. Kind of like the "History of Rap" medleys, except not!…   Read Story »
Here is a video compilation of Chandler Bing dancing on Friends set to the song "Moves Like Jagger." Obviously it is very good. -Uproxx Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, no duh, was on Conan…   Read Story »
Very sorry if you've already gotten this news with your Oscars 2013 google alert, but the answer is: POSSIBLY!   Read Story »
This is a photoshopped image of the head of Breaking Bad's Walt Jr. in place of everyone's head in the Breakfast Club, and it is very good, and no one knows who made it. A genuine mystery for our…   Read Story »
Well, ok. Here is the cast of Downton Abbey as dogs? I hardly understand this, but I do understand that it has Downton Abbey in it and I do understand that it has dogs in it and I do understand that…   Read Story »
All the way back on Friday, Paul Rudd was on Late Night and discussed a few lesser-known buddy comedies movies he and Jimmy Fallon have done together. And they are all perfect! (Also, Ken Marino was…   Read Story »
A collection of posters displaying step-by-step moves to all of your favorite TV and movie dances, from the artist Niege Borges. "Ooohh, he should do one with the Robyn dance." -Everyone's…   Read Story »
The Wet Hot American Summer cast reunited for a stagereading of the movie at San Francisco’s Sketchfest and I'm not sure if any of us were there or not, but here are some pictures from it! Just…   Read Story »