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Here are some Game of Thrones photos from Entertainment Weekly. -EW Nick Offerman (yaaayy) was on Jay Leno last night (boooooo) and here is talking about how much Chris Pratt can eat. (Yaaay.)…   Read Story »
Life can't be all work and no play. Actually, it certainly can be all work and no play, but having a life that is all work and no play is absolutely not the ideal. I think we can at least put down…   Read Story »
Oh noooooo! While the planned sequel to Dumb and Dumber was originally set to have both stars reprising their roles, Jim Carrey has dropped out due to a lack of enthusiasm on the part of Warner Bros.…   Read Story »
This girl can sneeze with her eyes open and she took a video of herself doing it and it is very strange. The method she uses to get herself to sneeze is ALSO very strange. The whole thing is strange.…   Read Story »
This is a picture of Jim Carrey in costume and on set for his upcoming movie Burt Wonderstone with Steve Carrell but also WHO CARES WHERE IT IS FROM. Why do you need to know so much about this photo?…   Read Story »
Sure! Now, let's all raise our glasses and toast to the hope that Ryan Gosling doesn't become the James Franco of 2012.   Read Story »
Celebrities are upset because they can't win the New Yorker caption contest. Ha-ha, celebrities. Just because you have champagne at lunch every day doesn't mean you can win ALL the contests.…   Read Story »
It's Adam Sandler's 45th birthday today! HOORAY! Happy Birthday to him. Movieline would like to know what you think his finest onscreen moment is. I don't know why they bother asking when everyone…   Read Story »
What a week! First, our hero Ryan Gosling stopped a fight. THEN, there was an earthquake for some of us. THEN! Jim Carrey was so gross! AND NOW! Some of us are going to at least be rained on a lot!…   Read Story »
Understandably, Jim Carrey's vlog about Emma Stone was one of the HOTTEST stories on the 'Net yesterday, because everyone loves a shaky-cam trainwreck. And make no mistake, that thing was a capital…   Read Story »