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Wait. Hold on. This is an actual ABC NEWS report on the owner of the New England Patriots's accusation that Vladimir Putin, PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA, stole his Super Bowl ring. In fact, it is a FOLLOW UP…   Read Story »
An Etsy seller has a wide selection of Star Wars themed jewelry for sale. Do you like that? Personally I'm not that interested in Star Wars anything because I'm a full grown adult. But some people…   Read Story »
Padma Lakshmi has launched a line of jewelry for the Home Shopping Network. For the sophisticated lady who wants to look like a beautiful reality show competition judge and who also buys her…   Read Story »
Wassssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup! Yo young women who don't just reTumbl things but occasionally post original content and young dudes who aren't afraid to show enthusiasm for things as long as the…   Read Story »
Well, right. Of COURSE Justin Bieber, a 12-year-old actress from Canada famous for her role as Justine Biebo in the 3D movie Never owns a jewel-encrusted necklace in the shape of a Family Guy…   Read Story »
OMFGICBIYG, Are you dying because Twilight: Eclipse isn't out yet? Are you just DYING? Do you sit up at night wondering why the world is so unfair and doesn't make any sense and why people seem…   Read Story »
"Actually, they're CZ's." --Jon Gosselin, 1977-2012 On the one hand, Nancy Grace has a point. It does seem ridiculous and contradictory for Jon Gosselin to suddenly claim that the show is hurting…   Read Story »