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Guess who has two thumbs and just read the entire Wikipedia entry for King Saul? This chick! I was hoping to find clues to upcoming plot points on the already ratings-challenged but fascinatingly…   Read Story »
Wow. The guys at Everything Is Terrible have put together my favorite "supercut" of all time: quick clips of local news reports from all over the country about where we were seeing Jesus (and the…   Read Story »
I can't decide who in this video is your boyfriend: the dude in the plaid shirt or the puppet that looks like a testicle, so let's just say you're two-timing them. Look away (from porn),…   Read Story »
If the EXTREME! guys from Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle drank too much vodka and Gatorade and became born again, they would be exactly like the stars of this "Extreme Faith" video. Yes, the guy…   Read Story »
What do you do when you're a 49-year-old mom, and you get a letter from your former church informing you that in a few months (on a certain date, nonetheless!) they're going to announce from the…   Read Story »
Eureka Springs, Arkansas used to be a "Christian town," whatever that is, until the specter of tolerance slowly moved in, and before the residents knew what was happening, it was totally okay to be…   Read Story »
This preacher has challenged couples to have sex every day for seven days. Wow, that's a little, uh..."contemporary" (meaning: "gross"): Words to live by: "Life is more than about dollars and…   Read Story »
God TV had their own 2-hour election coverage special, for those hard-core right wingers who are turned off by Fox News's bleeding heart liberal reputation. RightWingWatchdog put together a highlight…   Read Story »
A woman has the Jesus statue in her yard stolen by professional criminals. (via Via Gina) That woman is such a good detective. It's obviously done by a child because of the lines drawn around…   Read Story »
It must be a slow news week for CNN, because when they learned that a Texas man had found the face of Jesus on a moth's back, they rushed to the scene: It's kind of scary that the not-smart man…   Read Story »