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WARNING: These highlights from an interview/infomercial on Christian TV starring a "Christian Health Evangelist" and kind of Music Man of holy colon cleansing are totally disgusting. But since these…   Read Story »
The video for "Evolution: Redefined" by Geoff Moore And The Distance (1993). Those silly, fun Van Halen videos seem almost subtle in comparison: This was, of course, back in a time when old dudes…   Read Story »
This has to be the best commercial for a church of all time. I only wish I lived in this town and could have made it to Satan's funeral: The YouTube description says this isn't a parody and aired…   Read Story »
Get in line, lady. You know what I don't get about this segment? I'm willing to accept that this woman saw Jesus in her snack, and I'm willing to believe that she thinks his snack face is full of a…   Read Story »
TV preachers Dr. Shine and Dee Dee made an interesting intro for their show using Top Gun. Not sure how many years too late to be relevant this was, but probably many. Be sure to watch until Dr.…   Read Story »
This makes me want a puppy, and this makes me want a talking Jesus doll: I can't believe this has existed for months and nobody told me until today. The talking Jesus doll is available on Amazon…   Read Story »
Yuck, this is an ad for Christianity (in general!) by the self-appointed defenders of the faith and Creation Museum creators, Answers In Genesis: I know: what? Let's try to unpack this unarguably…   Read Story »
So it seems that bad movie trailers in general and Christian ones in particular are the new cat videos. I'm trying to lay off for a while to not be such a broken record, but it's impossible when you…   Read Story »
Last night, ABC's Nightline, best known recently for Salma Hayek breastfeeding, gathered together a bunch of crazy people and Deepak Chopra to try to solve the mystery of whether Satan exists. It was…   Read Story »
Just the other day, I was telling a friend how in the late '80s and early '90s my Christian school would go on regular field trips to the Civic Center or the stadium to see something called "The…   Read Story »