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And so it is. After a particularly great season, especially as compared to last season, last night's finale was way less "fun" than many of the season's episodes and a total emotional bummer, but…   Read Story »
Kelly: Hey, Gabe Gabe: hey kelly Kelly: How are you? Gabe: i'm pretty good thanks Gabe: how are you? Kelly: I'm okay! Kelly: All right, enough small talk Gabe: phew Gabe: i was like, let's…   Read Story »
Here are some photos of rap albums with Aziz Ansari's face photoshopped into them. I hope it cheers you up momentarily because your heart is about to be BROKEN! -HighDefinite Ok, are you ready? Sit…   Read Story »
Well, OK. For the most hit-or-miss season of Mad Men thus far, last night's season finale makes perfect sense. Oh, it was still a great season of a great television show to be sure, but it took a lot…   Read Story »
Yes, last night's episode featured a pretty decent Pete plotline (although it ended on a kind of cheesy note. That was a cold-hearted revenge fuck if ever I have seen one, so what is all this weepy…   Read Story »
Last night's episode was a good episode although it had a couple of real clunkers. This season of Mad Men kind of makes me want to go back and start over from the beginning to see if there were…   Read Story »
First of all, let me just say that last night's episode of Mad Men was much better than the season premiere. I think this is mostly because last night's episode felt like the show we have all come to…   Read Story »